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25th World Pilot Gig Championships 2014


NEWS: 2015 Chairman's Invitation and website update coming soon.

Chairman's Invitation to the 2014 World Pilot Gig Championships

The 2014 World Pilot Gig Championships will take place on the Isles of Scilly from Friday, 2 May until Monday, 5 May 2014. In this our 25th year I have great pleasure in inviting you to take part in this unique event. You are always welcome on the Isles of Scilly but this anniversary year my committee will endeavour to make your involvement particularly enjoyable.

I was saddened last year that in the first race six gigs were disqualified for pushing the line. The Coxes had obviously failed to control the adrenaline rush and no doubt five gigs followed the first to falsely start. We shall always strictly apply our rules which all Coxes sign to having read. This year there have been additions to our rules after some unfair practices were complained of by competitors. You will do well to read them carefully. No official, myself included, has authority to give permission to breach these rules. Deliberate non-compliance with crew membership rules will reflect upon the club involved and may lead to that clubs exclusion in the following years Championships. This may seem Draconian but a level playing field, or hopefully sea, is fair to all. The rules regarding composition of crews by gender and age will be strictly enforced. Veterans must have attained 40 years of age and super vets must have attained 50 years of age.

With about 130 gigs taking part the job of the finish Marshal is particularly taxing. He has to coordinate the video recording and playback, the physical recording by a large team, and his adjudication. It is not therefore possible without great difficulty to amend the computer software at the last moment. So please, no late substitutions in crews as that breach the rules.

Registration will be via our website from February onwards. Payment of registration fees should be made via this site by one of the several options available. In cases of difficulty please contact Kevin as before.

Signing in by Coxes will take place with Martin at the Tunnel commencing on midday on Thursday, 1 May. This variation was very successful last year as it obviated the scrummaging that usually takes place at the Coxes meeting.

Please monitor our website for any variations or updates. I look forward to seeing you all again and will be in my usual place outside the Tunnel.

Rick Persich
Chairman, World Pilot Gig Championships Committee


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